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  • Natural Nails:
  Mani Pedi
Basic Spa Treatment $14 $24  (25-30 Min)
Citrus Refreshing Treatment $19 $29  (35-40 Min)
Sport Treatment   $35  (45-50 Min)
Essence Signature Luxury $25 $40  (55-60 Min)

  • Artificial Nails
  Full Set Fill
Acrylic $25+ $20+
White Tips $30+ $20+
Dipping Powder (SNS, NEXGEN) $38+ $35+
Gel Liquid $35+ $25+
Pink & White $45+ $38+
  • Addition Services
Removing Artificial Nails $10+
Nail Art $5+
French / American Polish $5
Polish Change $8+
Gel Color $15+
       We have over 700 Gel colors to choose from  




The Healthier Gel Polish


Zero Dehydration, Weakening or Staining




All-In-One Colour Gel Polish



Gel ColorIt looks like polish, but has the strength and chip resistant properties of gel. 14-day wear, zero dry time, mirror shine.

For those new to gel polish, one of the most common questions is about the health risks associated with the use of UV lamps. To clear up confusion, here are several facts about UV lamps from several experts: 

  • According to Dr. Robert M. Sayre, Ph.D., of Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories one of the creators of the SPF rating system :"UV lamps are safer than natural sunlight or sunlamps."
  • Dr. David Valia, Director of Research and Development for CND, compares the exposure from a UV lamp to that of indoor fluorescent lighting. He explains, "the amount of energy from a UV lamp during a nail service would be roughly equivalent to the amount of UV exposure one would experience during a typical day of exposure in indoor fluorescent lighting."
  • According to Dr. Sayre:" People who are indoors have little to no skin risk due to long term exposure to fluorescent lighting.  People who sunbathe or work outdoors have real risks of excessive UV exposure, the cause of sunburn and skin cancer."
  • "The UV Nail lamp bulb emits almost exclusively (more than 99%) UVA-1, the safest part of the ultraviolet spectrum," says Dr. Sayre.
  • The exposure from a bi-weekly UV manicure is equivalent to "an extra 1-2 minutes in daylight each day between salon visits," says Daug Schoon, CND's Chief Scientific Advisor and author of Nail Structure and Product Chemistry.